Slack Tide

We are still enjoying our anchorage here between Ponce de Lion Inlet and New Smyrna Beach. As mentioned, this Cooks Creek reciprocates with the tide. So, sometimes we are in a northerly current heading (ebb) out the inlet. Six hours later we are in flood, the current is strong in the opposite south direction.

Our Vulcan Rocna anchor is doing a fantastic job with all the shifts in tide and wind over the past many days!

On a hot afternoon halfway between ebb and flood, what is a man to do?

Jump into the water for a swim, of course. The water is 76°F and it feels SO good… refreshing. The heat is just sucked out of my body. It saves our fresh water supply too.

Just in case, I put out a safety line. I could tell there was no current by looking at bubbles off the swim platform. But, the safety line is “free insurance” and makes the Admiral feel better!

No crocks or sharks got me.

Anchored between Ponce de Lion Inlet and New Smyrna Beach

It is called “Cooks Creek”. It runs about 2 miles from ICW mm 843.5 to 845.5. There is the main channel of the ICW. Then there is an “anchorage channel” that can accommodate many boats of any size, including large sailboats.
Click above and below to see some video of the traffic here.

Lots of boats seem to like to “cruise” thru the secondary “anchorage channel” just to take a closer look at all of us who are anchored here from other ports of the eastern seaboard.

Some of them even observe the no wake zone!

The best approach to get into the anchorage channel from the ICW is between R18A and R20, then go south as far as you’d like. There is plenty of water in here… (until there isn’t. <wink>)

This shows the ICW main channel on the right. It also shows the anchorage channel to the left. North us up. There is an island and sand bars between the two.

It’s actually fun to watch all the boats going by on Satudays and Sundays. Here we are in late February with temps in the 80s! Fortunately, today there is a breeze. Late yesterday we actually had to run the generator so we could have A/C for an hour or so. There was no breeze and it was hot.

The current reciprocates with the tide here, so care must be taken if one wants to jump in for a swim! Time it at slack tide and/or put a tailing line out for added security.

You can “see” the current on our anchor trip line.

Daytona Beach

A city with many bridges!

Shelly sets the anchor for a few “free days!”
We chose “Seabreeze North” as our spot as it offered some wind protection from the SE wind.

Addendum Feb 24, 2023

After anchoring out for a few nights we splurged for one night in this top notch marina: Coquina Marina here in Daytona Beach.

In the hot tub at Coquina Marina!
Ray in the 77° swimming pool!

Staying at a marina also enabled us to meet up with good friends from Maine, Chrissy and Steve who moved here and are building a new home. We got to see it before dark and a couple months before it was completed and ready to move in to. Very nice!

We cannot wait to see it done in a couple months when we head north.

Chrissy & Steve with Shelly at their new home here! They move in in April. This driveway was just finished today!
Team photo after dinner.

Our two favorite ‘Boater Cards’ exchanged this week…

I love boater cards that show the faces of the people we meet!

But, that is not why these two cards made “favorites-of-the-week”.

First, we were in a pickle. We had St Brendans Isle forward our mail to St Augustine Municipal marina on Friday using USPS Express Mail. We knew for certain that it would get there on Saturday.

Well, it got there on Saturday, but after that marina’s 11:00am [strict] check out time. We had to leave and I figured, “We’ll figure something out…” to get that package forwarded to our next stop.

As it turns out, there was NO good solution for less than $150 to get our mail! (6-7 options were explored. Uber, Lyft, couriers, taxi, marina staff, folks we met on the dock, etc.)

Then Shelly said, “Let’s call a Harbor Host!”

These volunteer AGLCA members have been incredibly helpful to us all along the way. I’d list them here, but A) the list would be too long, and B) I fear I’d leave someone out.

We found a nearby Harbor Host, Tom Lahey, in the AGLCA database on the website. Called his number and Tom picked up the call from a Caller ID he had never seen before. I explained that we were Loopers like he and his Admiral, and I explained our predicament. “Tom, do you have any advice? We are running out of options; abandon the mail, or cruise BACK north to St Augustine Municipal Marina!”

Tom said, “I’m in St Augustine today; I’ll pick up your package, and drop it off to you at Marineland Marina on my way home.”

Simple. Elegant. And amazingly Lucky for us!

Many times we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of Harbor Host volunteers and other Loopers who have helped us out.

Thank you Tom! Bon voyage to you and Brenda aboard Kissed some Frogs as you push off for Platinum this week!!! Glad you liked Shelly’s lasagna for supper last night! … freshly made from scratch aboard Shellerina. And thank you for being a Harbor Host.

Rod Stuart

We got destinated in Palm Coast Marina this afternoon, and soon after we were all secured there was a couple walking their bicycles by us on the dock.

“Do you need anything at West Marine?” Was their first question. These folks obviously were generously offering their services too! “No all set, thank you though,” I replied.

Then Stuart asked, “So this is Shellerina?” “Yep” I replied. “We love your blog. We just started our Loop 1500 miles ago from AL we have loved reading you blog in preparation for our start.”

Well, Rod & Stuart of M/V Sea Turtle flattery will get you everywhere! So congratulations for making our favorite Boat Cards of the week!

Seriously, thank you for YOUR generosity too!!! You very much have caught on to the great spirit of the Looping community. Safe Adventures to you. “The experience goes by quickly, so enjoy every hour!”

All our collected boat cards go into this 3-ring binder “database”. They are all treasured, and frequently looked up for various reasons. “Have a system!” This is valuable information!

Vendor cards are maintained in the back, as they are very helpful too!

Strategy being questioned?

We continued our February cruising south to find the warmer waters of southern Florida. Today arriving in Palm Coast Marina. The problem? It is getting too HOT! So, “What’s the problem?!”

We aim to anchor out more. That means no A/C unless the generator is running. We invested in Solar this year so we wouldn’t need to run the generator!

Tough ol’ Life? Our family and friends in the northern states don’t seem to be very sympathetic. They are getting pummeled by a huge winter storm this week.

So we are wondering if our fundamental strategy is going to work. Head back north?

It was great to have shore power and A/C for my business meetings today. We’ll be on the hook in Daytona for tomorrow afternoon’s business calls. We’ll let you know how it goes.

A friend from Maine sent us this pic of life up there.

I guess we cannot complain.

Ragga Surf Cafe food truck!

Across the street from Marineland Marina is this popular food truck. Breakfast & lunch only (7:00am-2:00), Wed-Sun.

Always a short line while we were here.

Enticing Menu!
Dawn Patrol breakfast sandwich & today’s Chef’s Special: Smoked Brisket Tacos … amazing flavors.
Good sound by James Powell, one of the owners.

BONUS! We hit this place on “Live Music Sunday”… good thing too as they are closed tomorrow + Tuesday.
Half decent setting too, next to the surf!

“Polished the Prop”

ICW mm 792.5 we picked the wrong side of a struggling sailboat aground and found some soft bottom ourselves. Favor the west side shoreline around this bend.

Stay away from G 81A.

Nearby is Fort Matanzas. This was near the finish of our southerly passage from St Augustine FL to Marineland FL.

End result: some prop vibration at 2000 RPM. We cruise at 1600 RPM (occasionally 1800). So no repair to our prop is deemed necessary right away.

5-Day Course of This Stuff helped a Lot!

This Rx helped us get over Covid… we tested negative Thursday Feb 9. We are not at 100%, but we are much better!

Special THANKS to Howard Crew for letting us keep our car at his home about 30 minutes from here.

The weather for the next few days is less than ideal. So remaining under cover here at Lambs Yacht Center makes sense. We’ll push off on Monday to a nearby anchorage and gradually head south to warmer turquoise waters.

Covid-19 aboard…

Shows positive self-test results.

After “common cold” like symptoms persisted for a number of days, we self tested for Covid… and came out positive. This surprised me as we both have taste and smell, and neither of us have a fever. We are both vaccinated and”boostered”.

We’ll see if our new primary care physician comes up with any treatment plans or Rx.

In any case, our plans to push off this morning for points south are delayed.


Paxlovid to the rescue!

We are starting to feel better! Thanks for everyones prayers!