Sun just cut through!

We are anchored at Cedar Beach Cove; we have the place to ourselves. Opening night is next Friday.

Note the yellow paint on the anchor chain. I upgraded the rode this season to 75 ft of chain and 100 ft of 1/2″ nylon. I painted various parts of the chain so I can tell where 25 ft, 50 ft, and 75 ft are. I can also tell when weighing anchor when the anchor is almost all the way up, but still in the water. This enables me to put the engine in reverse to clean off the mud before bringing it up all the way.

Fire Island Lighthouse Easter Sunrise Tour

Nick and Ray got up early and drove out to Fire Island Light for a sunrise tour !

Above-Looking West.

Below-Looking North. Click on the pic below to see a video of the actual light mechanism going around. How this lighthouse appears on the navigational chart – 1 white flash every 7.5 seconds, the light is 167 feet above sea level, and has a range of 24 nautical miles.

Reportedly, on a clear day from the top, the Manhattan skyline can be seen 43 miles away.

Below, there are lots of deer out here on Fire Island!