Green Cove Springs FL

Today, Shelly and I drove around a bit to become better acquainted with our new “home town”.

This our legal residence/domicile (since December 2022).

It is the county seat for Clay County, and there are a number of large and small law firms in town. It is not uncommon to see a well-dressed attorney walking to or from the courthouse from their offices in this village.

Our esteemed city hall. I neglected to snag a pic of the county courthouse walking distance from here. This city hall overlooks a very famous natural landmark in this small city: the Spring!

This is the Green Cove Spring! (Above)

You cannot quite see the underwater features of this deep spring bringing warm water to the surface.

But if you look very closely to this pic below you may be able to see some of the underwater structure of the spring.

The spring feeds the nearby municipal swimming pool with incredibly clean water.

Green Cove Spring water pool! How sweet is this?!

Then the pool has a weir from which the warm spring water transfers from the pool into to a creek which leads into the St John’s River! Just a couple weeks ago, anchored in Pirate’s Cove just north of here, I was amazed that hardly any salt could be tasted in this brackish, nearly fresh water… which still is affected by the tides and the sea.

The weir is under the pool deck.
This pic from the footbridge shows spring water flowing from the pool to the St John’s River maybe 150 yards away.

Reportedly, there are several springs like this feeding the St John’s River.

All this is on Walnut Street, same street as our home mailing address (411 Walnut St # 17541, Green Cove Springs FL 32043). Exciting!

City Pier of Green Cove Springs. $20/night to tie up + $20 / for optional shore power… first come first serve. Honor system. You can see plenty of boats anchored out here.
A fairly good sized sailboat had no problem taking one of the slips, so we know there is good depth out there at the end if the pier.