Whale sighted and captured on film!                 (What is film?!)

This pic was taken by H2M co-worker, Amanda Vardakas.  It shows her husband and son near Field Five of Robert Moses State Park.   See the whale fin and spout in the upper right.  

T/V Shellerina was right where that whale was a few weeks ago on Sunday August 6, 2017 in about 20 feet of water!   

 It was part of a 48 mile trip from Shinneck Inlet to Fire Island Inlet.    We were in close to stay in the flat protected waters off the beach, as the wind was out of the north that day.  

That day, we saw large fields of Bunker, bait fish, schooling off the beach.  Impressive.  We were surprised there weren’t more sea birds there having their fill.  

It is very cool to know there could be whales in that close feeding on the schools we saw!

By the numbers …  this season.       2/3rds thru August. 

The first number we log is how many times we untied and got underway this season (58), as of this date, 8/20/2017.

The second number is how many times one or both of us came to the boat and spent a significant amount of time working or enjoying the boat, right at the dock (52), without getting underway.  

The third number is how many times we woke up on the boat, overnights (62).  

Our Garmin additionally keeps track of our miles like an odometer on a car.   So far this season we are at 992 miles.  I suspect it will not exceed 999, so we’ll be watching that today and this week.  

We reset the Garmin on July 15 when it was at 727 miles for the season, and the “Moving Time” exceeded 99:59.  

We were at 98:05 on July 8, 2017.  So the “Moving Time” of 32:12 is since the reset on July 15.   So I estimate our total Moving Time this season is +/- 135 hours. 

Cedar Beach Sunset & Fireworks

Shortly after I took this pic our dockmates aboard Precious Cargo and Contingency came out and rafted up with us for the night!​

Then, unexpectedly, this professionally launched fireworks exhibit began!    Gotta love it!



​ The other entertainment we saw after dark tonight were these schools of Snappers swimming beneath the underwater lights of Precious Cargo. 

Riverhead!   A truly great port!

Riverhead is home to Long Island Aquarium, immediately beside our marina slips!​   We were very impressed with this aquarium!   

Our dockmates aboard Precious Cargo and Contingency are continuing to Block Island on Sunday.

Treasure Cove Marina is part of Riverhead’s Hyatt Place, we had full use both swimming pools!

 ​​These sharks were not in the swimming pools!   But they were at the aquarium right next door.​

​Do recognize the voice in this video?!