Mid season Stats

52 Times the boat has left the slip, or gotten underway from a visited port.

39 Times we have spent time aboard without leaving the dock.

53 nights slept overnight either at our slip, on the hook, or in a visited port.

74 Hours, 3 minutes underway as measured by our GPS, “Moving Hours”. (We turn the GPS off at anchor so it does not count swinging as “Moving Hours”).

580 statute miles so far this season.

Our paper logbook is over 50% used up as seen above. We’ll have to conserve paper for the next few months.

Today’s Agenda

10:00 Egg bacon cheese on English

11:00 Swim

12:00 Bloody Mary

1:00pm move to Cedar Beach

3:00pm “together time” down below.

4:00m swim

5:00pm gourmet burger

7:30pm secured at S-Dock.

Tough ol’ Life

Chaparral Signature 27 -times 3!

It was great to “chin wag” with Markus and Ed about their boats which literally came out of the same mold as our Shellerina!

All three of our boats where made in Nashville Georgia, ours in 1993, “No Blues” in 1994, and “Tropic Lightning” in 1995.

No Blues, Markus & Lisa

Tropic Lightning, Ed & Eileen

all met at Watch Hill, Fire Island National Seashore NY.

They are from Massapequa NY.

The rest of our day…

We moved from Fox Island to the other side of Captree, then we went to Sore Thumb. It was a busy harbor with lots of pleasure craft. But then all of a sudden this trawler came in, dropped their anchor and hauled up their “cage” they were shucking for hours. So they seemed to have a good catch. We thought they were Scallopers. But they said they were in the bait business. Their harvest was “Surf Clams”. From Sore Thumb we went out Fire Island Inlet, just to say we did. It was great to be out on the open ocean again! Love the swells. It was the perfect day for it. Can1 and Nun2 are shown here. Fire Island’s water tower is in the background. Shelly’s selfie of the day!

Awake on the hook!

The wind shifted 180 degrees overnight, so our bow is now facing NNE. The anchor evidently made the adjustment without a problem.

I love waking up early on the hook!

It is the most beautiful time of the day on the ocean.

There is another boat, similar to ours, anchored on the other side of the Lindenhurst Cut. I’d like to meet the owners, as there are not many people like us who appreciate staying out on the hook with no shore power, no A/C, no luxuries of being at the dock with facilities close at hand.

The wind is steady at around 10mph, and as you can see in the picture above, we are not in a protected cove or anything. So we feel the effects, even though 10 mph is relatively mild.

The temp is a pleasant 62F; the recent heat wave has broken.

The 12volt fan and inverter/refrigerator were running all night, yet the house battery, new this season, is still showing a solid 12 volts. Nice to see that.

9:00am Update

Shelly is awake; I made her some tea. Wind has picked up a bit, but we are OK here. She is now cooking some eggs.

We are finalizing plans with Nick and Mary for the MarineMax BBQ tonight.

On the hook tonight!

We have deployed some of the Maine anti-bug technology here, and it’s working!

ThermaCELL technology worked for us up in Maine with Black Flies and Mosquitoes. It seems to be a good offense against the Green Head Flies that just started to become a pain earlier this week. They bite like Maine Horseflies, but they are smaller, the size of a common house fly. They are not populous at the dock or around our apartment, but starting in July they are common out here on Great South Bay.

We are anchored off of Fox Island in Great South Bay, and we think we will stay the night! Fridge has been cut over to battery. Closest to nature when on the hook, and there is more to see at night AND in the morning.

“Fred” our Black Capped Night Heron

Fred showed up this evening, July 1, for the first time this season. This is year 3 that we’ve been conversing with this bird (or it’s parents).

Greenhead flies also made their first appearance today over Great South Bay. Catnip spray is an excellent repellant, fortunately we were ready! Several swims in GSB today to beat the heat.