What a week!

Grand Canyon as seen by Ray on way to CA on Monday.

Sunset and Sunrise pics by Ray – San Fransisco Bay CA this week

Storm damage to Richie’s boat this week (Shelly’s brother).

Finally home! First night back: aboard Shellerina!!!

Loggin on a Saturday morn!

Anchored in Great South Bay on a fantastic fall boating day!

Cedar Beach Marina, pretty quiet!

Tied up for the last time this season?! Cedar Beach

Salt Life – decal

For years, this decal has adorned our cockpit’s port side. It was a gift of my brother Russ. So, I decided to feature it in tonight’s post. When it was given to us, this boat was a lake boat… Sebago Lake and Long Lake was its home in Maine. But, we had Jason Randall haul us to Falmouth Fireside ME for a two week cruise DownEast in the spring of 2014, when we met up with Russ and his family when he gave us this decal.

The boat is now a full time salt water boat! So the decal is more fitting than ever!