Tough ol’ Life…

Feeling accomplished after finishing two more projects this morning, I carried a BOOK to the pool, put our stuff down on a choice pair of poolside chaise lounges, then when into the shower house to s- – -, shower, and shave.

Then did the pool, hot tub, pool regimen. Then I picked up my BOOK and started reading! I haven’t done this in years for anything but a manual of one sort or another.

One thing has been interesting since we returned the rental car 16 days ago, my social interactions have increased with dock mates. People loaning me their car, thanking me for filling their tank, and others asking if wanted to accompany them to the hardware store etc.

The galley, once again, the focus of improvements!

A shelf has been fashioned to hold our new air frier-toaster oven! Designed to survive tossing seas, and not loose any precious counter space. Note the LED lighting beneath the new shelf!

Are you interested in duplicating this on your Mainship 390?

If so, here are a few more details that may help.

The 12vDC circuit that supplies power to the light above the STOVE comes down to that light from the cabinet that typically had a coffee maker in it. We removed the coffee maker months ago so our ability to tap into that 12 vDC circuit was easy. Feeding a wire down, out-of-sight, to under the new shelf was easily accomplished. It can be seen next to the hinge bracket, above.

The toaster oven / air frier is a Ninja SP301 – 13-in-1. We got it from Amazon.

One of the two LED strips in this package was used for the lighting beneath the shelf. SeaVolt is a West Marine brand. A pair of these are also self adhered to s/s tubing upstairs in the fly bridge to illuminate that “room” when needed. A great space to entertain for dock tails or meals.

College Kids visiting from Maine!

Our nephew Adam and college roommate, Will, arrived here in Florida on Tuesday!

Adam, Shelly, and Will near the pool and hot tub. It is a far cry different from the cold and snowy North that they are trying to escape for a few days. They are students at Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor.

They found the marina’s camp fire pit! As you might expect, there were 3-4 hours of engaging conversations with other boat owners… AND job offers too for these young men from Maine. Adam’s adjective for the discussions is “ongoing!”

One of their primary tasks was to report back to me what the REAL effective range of our new electric outboard motor.

Today they aggressively did a boat cleaning detail for a couple hours on the big boat with Shelly. Very impressive! “A clean boat is a happy boat!”

Another galley upgrade! Rebuilt stove.

Vendor for the parts:

If the link does not work, copy and paste it into Seems finicky!

New burners and cast stainless steel grates! As good as new!

Highly recommended! Since Seaward Products Inc. who manufactured this 3-burner “Princess” stove has long been out of business, the folks at Sure actually manufacture and stock parts for these 20+ year old stoves. Their website catalogs everything by manufacturer and stove model number, both electric and propane. Returns are easy; ask for “Todd”. Excellent customer service.


RIP great friend and captain, Marc Elbaum



. Colleen, we are so sorry for your loss.


February 1

Candlemas aka Groundhog Day tomorrow. Theoretical midpoint of winter. It is also the midpoint of our 3-month stay here at Ortega Landing Marina! Folklore has it that whatever the weather is on February 2, there will more of that to come! They are predicting a nice pool day here!