Splicing 8-Plait

Here’s a first for Ray… an eye splice of 8-Plait line. Making a “Snubber” to take the strain off the electric windlass.

Snubber deployed.

Its purpose is twofold: take the strain off the windlass, and to act as a shock absorber as the anchored boat sways left and right. The rode is still all chain except for the top 8-10 feet of snubber.

Heat shrink tubing can stiffen the lower 2-3 feet of the snubber making it easier for the admiral to hook on the chain.


Shelly inspects her New Anchor…

Vulcan 25 by Rocna (55lbs) will be deployed tomorrow morning.

Yellow paint marks 0, 50, 100, 150, and 200.

Red paint marks 25, 75, 125, and 175.

This way we know how much rode we have let out. Normally 5X one’s depth is a common rule of thumb. More if needed due to breezy conditions and bottom conditions.

New swim ladder!

4 telescoping steps, and ALL of them are in the water. This goes down much further than most boat ladders!

We will test drive this afternoon…

Test Results:

Notice also the new grab bar above the transom!

Easy up and easy down!

Great enhancement.

Final assessment:

Best GD boat ladder we have ever tried!!! It is only 304 Stainless Steel (not 316) so we expect to clean up some rust stains periodically. Still worth it.

Labor Day – 2020 – time to push off ‘n’ head home

Sunrise – Leaving our slip beside Precious Cargo.

Up with the sun – Absolutely the best time of day on the ocean!

Leaving Great Peconic Bay at the north entrance to Shinecock Canal.

Once we were outside of Shinecock Inlet, we saw huge “fields” of Bunker fish, I tried to capture in this vid

We love the fuel efficiency of our single screw diesel! Hardly a dent after nearly 150 miles.

Underway for a 50–mile leg, Fire Island Inlet to Shinecock Inlet…

We cruise between 1800 and 1900 RPM, which is about 10 mph. Slower than many boats; but ours is a very fuel efficient craft. After 9 hours underway, our fuel gauge still shows FULL!

On long legs like this one, the new Auto Pilot really becomes an appreciated member of the crew!

AIS (Automatic Identification System for boats) information about other boats appears on our chart plotter now!