Indicators… Signs… that the boating season may be over.

These pics were taken at S-Dock today on our way to closing up our boat for the season.

When a dripping faucet on the dock shows signs of ICE, that usually means the season is over!

We did push off and go for our last ride of the year. We fueled up (to reduce fuel tank condensation over the winter) and pumped out the holding tank (no explanation needed.)

We shuttled several loads of “stuff” off the boat to the car. We have a few things to finish up tomorrow.

This pic of the chart plotter today shows our total statute miles underway for the season, 713, and hours moving underway, 85.34 hours… many more than most other boaters.

But it is a lot less than last year’s record:

1024 statute miles

120.3 hours underway

More details will follow on this. But, we had a great season, by all measures!

Dock Lights!

Spending the night aboard tonight; it may be the last night aboard this season. We met “Mike” the electrician; he got the dock lights working. One of the 3-Phase leads was open, and needed to be fixed. It looks awesome, and it is safer! Maybe we’ll stay next weekend too!

November Boating!

Call it 73F under the canvas today, anchored at our usual haunt. At least a dozen other boaters out here with us on a beautiful fall day. So long as the sun is shining (and not too windy) we will be comfortable under our dark blue Bimini/Camper Top covers.

S-Dock this hour.

The sun is setting now at 5:48pm ET. Heat is on!