Strategy being questioned?

We continued our February cruising south to find the warmer waters of southern Florida. Today arriving in Palm Coast Marina. The problem? It is getting too HOT! So, “What’s the problem?!”

We aim to anchor out more. That means no A/C unless the generator is running. We invested in Solar this year so we wouldn’t need to run the generator!

Tough ol’ Life? Our family and friends in the northern states don’t seem to be very sympathetic. They are getting pummeled by a huge winter storm this week.

So we are wondering if our fundamental strategy is going to work. Head back north?

It was great to have shore power and A/C for my business meetings today. We’ll be on the hook in Daytona for tomorrow afternoon’s business calls. We’ll let you know how it goes.

A friend from Maine sent us this pic of life up there.

I guess we cannot complain.

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