Anchored between Ponce de Lion Inlet and New Smyrna Beach

It is called “Cooks Creek”. It runs about 2 miles from ICW mm 843.5 to 845.5. There is the main channel of the ICW. Then there is an “anchorage channel” that can accommodate many boats of any size, including large sailboats.
Click above and below to see some video of the traffic here.

Lots of boats seem to like to “cruise” thru the secondary “anchorage channel” just to take a closer look at all of us who are anchored here from other ports of the eastern seaboard.

Some of them even observe the no wake zone!

The best approach to get into the anchorage channel from the ICW is between R18A and R20, then go south as far as you’d like. There is plenty of water in here… (until there isn’t. <wink>)

This shows the ICW main channel on the right. It also shows the anchorage channel to the left. North us up. There is an island and sand bars between the two.

It’s actually fun to watch all the boats going by on Satudays and Sundays. Here we are in late February with temps in the 80s! Fortunately, today there is a breeze. Late yesterday we actually had to run the generator so we could have A/C for an hour or so. There was no breeze and it was hot.

The current reciprocates with the tide here, so care must be taken if one wants to jump in for a swim! Time it at slack tide and/or put a tailing line out for added security.

You can “see” the current on our anchor trip line.

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