Memorial Day 2019

Back in Harrison Maine Nick and I used to put a flag up every year on this rock as an aid to navigation.

No-see-ums seem to be an issue this year, both at S-Dock and at Cedar Cove.
July update: The No-see-um hatch appears to have been a short-lived phenomenon! None experienced for the past month or so!!!

Memorial Day weekend!

Shelly and Marc while rafted up.

Shelly, Colleen, and Tina in the S-Gazabo.

Steve and Marc trying to make food disappear.

Tina, Marc, Shelly, Colleen, Steve

Shelly doing breakfast sandwiches Sunday a.m.

Electrical problem solved on Shellerina today.

New socks for Shellerina’s fenders! thanks Marc!

What’s a snubber?

Shelly, Colleen, Tina, Catherine, Trudy in our new party gazebo.

Bill and Mark.

Nick and Mary while anchored at CB Sunday afternoon.


… meaning “pleasing to the senses.”

So, our new sound system this year is very enjoyable.


Tonight we installed a Richie factory-refurbished compass for a fraction of the price of a new one. Over the winter we read that this was working out well for other boat owners. So we did it!

With GPS chartplotters and Navionics APPs, do we ever actually use the compass? Not really. But from experience years ago, I am actually quite skilled at this art of “dead reckoning” navigation with chart and compass! So, I expect several days of fun doing things the old fashioned way this season.

First task? Create a deviation card!