Shellerina enters St Johns River FL!

My brother Russ was waiting for us where southbound traffic on the ICW on Sisters Creek empties into St Johns River as we passed into our hailing port!
Jacksonville’s key bridges (two of many) if going “up” St Johns River… which mainly flows from south to north!
Fortunately, this CSX Railroad bridge is normally open to boat traffic, as only the smallest of boats can pass when it is closed. (FL bridges monitor VHF-09).

112 statute miles this weekend…

After a five-day hiatus ashore on Skidaway Island and “The Landings” with friends Marlyse, Phil, and [hurricane] Nicole, we hit the “road” and put on over 112 miles.

7.5 hours today!

We are keeping our eyes peeled on the shoreline of Cumberland Island, where a few score of wild horses live.

We may come back by ferry if their tourist season is still open. The ferry at St Marys is a short drive from Jacksonville. Russ is driving our car down from Maine and he’ll meet us Tuesday at Lambs Yacht Center, our home for a month or so.

We still keep a logbook.
It looks like we still have enough 2022 logbook pages left for another seven weeks of adventures aboard Shellerina!
A look off our stern on a bumpy, windy night: the moon is rising in the east and the Cumberland Island “Sea Camp Dock” is fully illuminated. There are nine other boats anchored in here tonight. Most of us wishing we selected a more protected anchorage.
This also shows our relative position.
Even more anchored in here tonight (Monday night addendum). Lots of anchor lights off the bow and stern.
You may need to zoom in on this one.

Shore Power Cord fix

Poor connections can cause this type of dangerous situation in one’s shore power cord. This was on the dock end, but still!
The female end of the ‘Y’ adapter was also pooched.
The fix.
Strip the insulation, tin the ends, and join the two ends together, as shown.
Mastic tape and heat shrink tubing with adhesive inside makes the finished product, saving hundreds of dollars in replacement cords. All this came in the kit.

“The Landings” Savannah GA, we are guests of the Libbys.

Shellerina in Slip A3 at Delegal Creek Marina, part of the famous The Landings residential community. In the foreground: Shelly, Marlyse, and Phil Libby. We will stay here for several nights until Tropical Storm / Hurricane Nicole blows by.
A few hours later…
I have the feeling this harbor will be getting rougher in the days ahead.
We escaped this one with no damage or discomfort thanks to the Libbys and the Delegal Creek Marina facilities.

Church Creek to Beaufort SC today.

mm 501 to 504 very shallow. Here a sailboat, aground, waits for some tide to come in and float her. Probably a 3 hour wait. “If you are gonna go aground, best to be doin’ so at low tide!”

Only inches to spare…
Another tricky spot at mm 511.4. Give that red nun some distance.

Bald Eagle on ICW today
I guess this is why we’re heading south! 85°F in November!
6.3 hours, 46 nautical miles. No dings in the prop! Saved today’s route for next spring!
Tonight we are trying out Gene’s Anchorage (Gene of Galene).
So far, so good for ~8 boats.

New Inlet Creek, aka “Church Creek” anchorage…

The moon’s reflection enhances this pic of our anchor-mates here tonight.

We made it past Charleston SC and thru Elliot Cut and anchored nearby as planned at Buzzards Roost Point, Stono River. But then Gene of Galene suggested Church Creek mm 488. Taking that time off today means shortening the longer trip tomorrow, plus the suggested creek appeared as a favorite to many fellow reviewers, including Gene and Mac & Deb of Janthena.

The wind is blowing stern to bow as the tidal current usually wins when the two are opposed.
ICW MM 488 New Inlet anchorage. 5:30pm EDT.

I need to remember to change the boat’s sundial tonight as Daylight Savings Time ends.

Returned to South Santee River anchorage…

We enjoyed the staff at Wacca Wachee Marina Thursday night, and transited to an anchorage we stayed at last spring. Three large sailboats had the same idea, two of which I scouted the depths thru a tight spot exiting Winyah Bay on the southbound ICW. It was low tide and they draw 6 and 6.5 feet. I was able to assure them they’d find a minimum of 8.6 feet there. Their electronics agreed as they braved that shallow spot. I neglected to take a photo of a strange floating swing bridge there. Maybe next spring. It is a hairy place to pass thru with current, so the camera does not always take priority.
Arrow points to strange floating swing bridge. Normally open… but a narrow opening.
“The Turn” on ICW at Winyah Bay.
The current changes with the tide in this river anchorage.
Underway Saturday morning… to Charleston SC. We’ll anchor on the far side of Elliot Cut, and time the tide thru that area!

Denise & Jeff!

We had a blast having dinner with Denise and Jeff Thursday at Kreas Waterway Grill, the restaurant at Wacca Wachee Marina. Then they got the nickel tour of the boat. We waved the $0.05 fee, as they were kind enough to pick up some meds for us on the way over. Of course we had the boat all cleaned up and organized for them ahead of time! ( reports: No. It was actually a mess.)
Each of them told Shelly and I separately that they would do the Great Loop if their other half was up for it!!! LOL. We’ll see what they do! Yes, that is M/V Shellerina in the background.