Daytona Beach

A city with many bridges!

Shelly sets the anchor for a few “free days!”
We chose “Seabreeze North” as our spot as it offered some wind protection from the SE wind.

Addendum Feb 24, 2023

After anchoring out for a few nights we splurged for one night in this top notch marina: Coquina Marina here in Daytona Beach.

In the hot tub at Coquina Marina!
Ray in the 77° swimming pool!

Staying at a marina also enabled us to meet up with good friends from Maine, Chrissy and Steve who moved here and are building a new home. We got to see it before dark and a couple months before it was completed and ready to move in to. Very nice!

We cannot wait to see it done in a couple months when we head north.

Chrissy & Steve with Shelly at their new home here! They move in in April. This driveway was just finished today!
Team photo after dinner.

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