New galley faucet!

Little projects sometimes bring the biggest rewards. That is the case with our new faucet in the galley.

Watch the video above. To make this feature work, the faucet manufacturer wanted plenty of clearance under the countertop beneath the faucet… for a counterweight on the hose to pull the sprayer back into its normal position.

This boat did NOT have that required clearance! There were all kinds of obstacles. A bulkhead, the sink’s drain pipe, etc. all kinds of things interfered with the counterweight’s clear movement without getting hung up on something.

So I purchased a plastic gutter and fashioned a custom “slide” for the counterweight to slide up and down. With its new “slide” the counterweight moves up and down free from all the obstructions in the vicinity. The slide is about 15 degrees off of plumb. But as you can see in this in the video below, it works!

Custom fabrication job. This SS screw secures the “slide” to the base of the space needed for the slide to work in any sea condition. The plastic tab had to be heated up so I could bend it to the right angle.

This represents a huge improvement to our daily living routine! The Admiral gives the Captain a star for the day! <grin>

Honestly, we both do more than our share of work at this station in the galley! Admittedly, she does most of the cooking. But I think we do a commendable job of ensuring the clean up chores are shared.


The new faucet started leaking & dripping on the countertop. (4x Time lapse below). We ordered warrantee parts from Moen. They were taking a LONG time to arrive. After a week of dripping, it miraculously stopped!

Happy campers once again. Parts finally arrived, and will be stored in case they are needed in the future.

Moen “Alder” Model 87233 available off the shelf at Lowes or Home Depot.

Pool Day in mid-January!

How can we complain about warm temps in northern FL, and heated pool + hot tub.

We have changed our float plan to stay put here in Jacksonville: Dec 14 – Mar 14.

Do you think we’ll be watching any NFL playoff games this weekend?! Yes of course!

Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas! Santa brought us new tint & shaded windows!

Something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time is get 3M tinted glass for our center windshield in the salon. This window can be opened for ventilation, but not if there is canvas snapped over it. So tinting was the preferred option for the center.

For the fixed windows that do not open, we got new Phifertex see-through shading canvas.

They look great from the inside and out!

In the unlikely event that we need to operate from the lower helm at night, we can simply unsnap the canvas and go!

Special thank you to the following highly recommended local vendors:

Ray’s Commercial Tinting (Brian did ours)


BDC Canvas (Craig & family)

Both of these craftsmen were prompt and demonstrated outstanding customer service! We loved doing business with them, and we are thrilled with the results… a nice upgrade to our primary living space.