Cedar Beach is getting busy!

You can see there are Land Yachts and many boats here now, in contrast to our May 20 post.    Summer is springing.  Nightly entertainment is here for the rest of the season.   The beach volleyball leagues also began this last week. 

Wonderous Stories (band’s name) tech tunes up the equipment for this venue.   Pretty cool how it’s all done with wifi now.   This band has been together for around 25 years, and they have a big following.   200 people showed up for this cool Memorial Day evening gig.  Mostly classic rock, good sound!   Good crowd!

They have these propane people heaters at Cedar Beach to take the edge off.  

I was betting there was going to be enough clearing for a sunset on the way back.  But there wasn’t.   It was just a little too cloudy.   Nonetheless, we salvaged a great boating day out of what was predicted to be a rainy washout by the weatherman.  

Yacht Dogs for supper!

As I arrived at the S-Dock this evening after work Tom and Tracy of Relaxology and Bill of Reely Naughty informed me that we were having grilled Yaght Dogs for supper.   

Sure enough, on the night before WW weigh in, a light supper was in order!  We are used to that.   The brand we are getting is Stahl Meyer, 1 WW point each.  Low fat, chicken, pork, and beef franks.  

Nice sunset in the Lindenhurst Cut.   Secured by 8:30 pm

Canal Crossroads

IMG_0672This morning, I got to go exploring, and added some important ground to our bottom contours database.    There is a spot on the Carlls River where we hit bottom last fall, for example that we now have mapped.   I also got Santapogue River (Harbor Club) mapped.   Shelly was not feeling well, so she slept in, and called when she was ready to be picked up.    By noon, she was with me  and we headed out again.    We headed west and mapped the canals around Indian Island, Strongs Creek and Laguno Canal.  Then headed to Woods Creek where we thought Bill Kruse and Jordan Ward had purchased waterfront property to dock their 40 footer.    Wrong creek.  But, We found them.  They are in the un-named canal between Laguano Canal and Great Neck Creek, right by the two bridges that form a 4-way canal intersection!    Geographically a VERY unique location in all of Great South Bay.   Anyway, had a great visit there.

Great South Bay certainly has a lot of very interesting creeks, canals, and rivers to explore!    Having the ability to do our own bathymetry mapping with our sonar makes it that much more exciting.  The boat “remembers” where it has been and makes it safe to go back.   And we can share these bottom contours with everyone else online.   Very cool technology.   

Nice to be back…

We were in San Fransico this past week.   A mix of business and pleasure.  It is one of our most favorite places in the world.   We got to see our niece, Lindsay Patrizi.  We visited several wineries including Robert Mondavi and SIMI.  We also walked among the Redwoods at Muir Woods, and had lunch at Bolinas.  But it was nice to get back to S-Dock to finish the weekend. 

Our bodies are still on Pacific Time.   We were up till wee hours of the morning playing cards with Andria and Brian, and we slept in until 10:30am this morning!   I can’t remember EVER doing that!   

Anchored in the lee of Fox Is.  Sunday afternoon!   So relaxing.