Jacksonville Jaguars stun the Jets!

Locals here are going crazy over tonight’s upset over the NY Jets 19-3.

Jags top their Division! AFC South…

Shelly and I are starting to feel like local Jaguars fans!

The Texans beat the Titans today Dec 24, so that puts Jacksonville at the top of their division!

Can they hold on? Well, the Titans host the Cowboys in 5 days for TNF… we’ll see what happens. (Jag+Texans on Jan 1…)

This third strait win means Jacksonville could make it into the playoffs!


January 7, 2023 Addendum

The Jags beat the Titans on January 7 to make the playoffs and secure their division!


Addendum January 14, 2023

Amazing comeback playoff game! Coming back from a 27 to ZERO deficit to win. It will take a lot of talent and luck to beat the Chiefs this Saturday January 21, but we’ll be rooting for them will all the locals around us here in Jacksonville.

OK… Sat night (Jan 21, 2023) addendum:

So the Jaguars fell to the Chiefs 20-27 today. The Jags had several chances to win this game that they could not materialize. But they played a good and respectable game that they can be proud of. We hope Mahomes heals up.

Everyone agrees that the QB, Coach, and whole Team will be one to watch in the next season! Nice job to the locals… nice job Jaguars!

San Marco…

We had a great BBQ lunch with Patty and Gene at the Bearded Pig part of this San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville FL.

Musicians were setting up for a few sets under the gazebo in Balis Park.

What a great part of Jacksonville. Just south of South Riverwalk area. Our hotel is nearby (while the boat is getting worked on.)



Holiday lunch with Gene and Patty of Galene was great! We’ll come back to this place so close-by us.
… a great village in Jacksonville!

Project Day

With a boat, it often feels like most every day is a project day! But when your boat is on the hard, you gotta find someone else’s project to work on!

So today, I assisted Gene Rutkowski of Galene splice the “good end” of his anchor line to his chain. Splicing 8-Plait anchor line is a good skill to acquire; today we got more practice together!

We tested it thru the electric windlass, and it went through just fine! I found that his 5/16” chain went thru his Lewmar 002 gypsy very smoothly. So what I learned is that the 002 works perfectly well with 5/16” chain. Whereas my 3/8” chain worked “rough” thru my 002 gypsy; the 003 gypsy that came with my new V3 windlass (installed last fall) works much smoother with 3/8”.

The other ‘well worn’ end is now tied inside his anchor locker.


Today’s project: install a larger Accumulator Tank!

Finding a place for a new component is always a challenge. This is in the port engine room looking forward where the fresh water supply valves and pump are. (The port fuel tank is to the left.) The valve underneath is the port fuel line shut-off for the equalizer fuel line between the tanks.
Proof of Concept & testing the new tank and improved fresh water system. There was no accumulator tank when we bought the boat in 2020. We added a 1-quart accumulator tank, but we’ve never been happy with it. So now a larger 4 gallon tank smooths the flow for our fresh water system. It should improve the longevity of our fresh water pump too. We’ve had to replace that twice?!? In as many years.
Looks like one drip to fix in the morning!

More pics will follow as this project progresses. So far, we really like the smoother water delivery and the pump seems much happier with its less frequent cycling.

Lambs Yacht Center, Jacksonville FL & nearby Huckins

Week 2 here at Lambs Yacht Center, Ortega River, Jacksonville FL. They moved us to a new slip under cover! We had been getting bombarded by lots of free fertilizer from the Canada Geese who live here. It is much better inside! They will be hauling us on Tuesday Dec 6 for some work. We’ll move to a hotel near our YMCA during that time.
Our neighbor on the port side is a Huckins Fairform Flyer. This well-loved yacht manufacturer is located just east of Lambs … walking distance from us. Reportedly, they are the oldest boat builder in the US still in business.

Founded in the mid 1920s, Huckins built PT-Boats during World War II, but are now known for finely appointed pleasure yachts. I was first introduced to them a month ago when we were tied up beside one in Norfolk. Its octogenarian owner was very proud of how well cared for it was, and for good reason.

See more about the history here, including a downloadable book: https://www.huckinsyacht.com/company/history