Slack Tide

We are still enjoying our anchorage here between Ponce de Lion Inlet and New Smyrna Beach. As mentioned, this Cooks Creek reciprocates with the tide. So, sometimes we are in a northerly current heading (ebb) out the inlet. Six hours later we are in flood, the current is strong in the opposite south direction.

Our Vulcan Rocna anchor is doing a fantastic job with all the shifts in tide and wind over the past many days!

On a hot afternoon halfway between ebb and flood, what is a man to do?

Jump into the water for a swim, of course. The water is 76°F and it feels SO good… refreshing. The heat is just sucked out of my body. It saves our fresh water supply too.

Just in case, I put out a safety line. I could tell there was no current by looking at bubbles off the swim platform. But, the safety line is “free insurance” and makes the Admiral feel better!

No crocks or sharks got me.

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