Today’s project: install a larger Accumulator Tank!

Finding a place for a new component is always a challenge. This is in the port engine room looking forward where the fresh water supply valves and pump are. (The port fuel tank is to the left.) The valve underneath is the port fuel line shut-off for the equalizer fuel line between the tanks.
Proof of Concept & testing the new tank and improved fresh water system. There was no accumulator tank when we bought the boat in 2020. We added a 1-quart accumulator tank, but we’ve never been happy with it. So now a larger 4 gallon tank smooths the flow for our fresh water system. It should improve the longevity of our fresh water pump too. We’ve had to replace that twice?!? In as many years.
Looks like one drip to fix in the morning!

More pics will follow as this project progresses. So far, we really like the smoother water delivery and the pump seems much happier with its less frequent cycling.

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