Lambs Yacht Center, Jacksonville FL & nearby Huckins

Week 2 here at Lambs Yacht Center, Ortega River, Jacksonville FL. They moved us to a new slip under cover! We had been getting bombarded by lots of free fertilizer from the Canada Geese who live here. It is much better inside! They will be hauling us on Tuesday Dec 6 for some work. We’ll move to a hotel near our YMCA during that time.
Our neighbor on the port side is a Huckins Fairform Flyer. This well-loved yacht manufacturer is located just east of Lambs … walking distance from us. Reportedly, they are the oldest boat builder in the US still in business.

Founded in the mid 1920s, Huckins built PT-Boats during World War II, but are now known for finely appointed pleasure yachts. I was first introduced to them a month ago when we were tied up beside one in Norfolk. Its octogenarian owner was very proud of how well cared for it was, and for good reason.

See more about the history here, including a downloadable book:

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