Jacksonville Jaguars stun the Jets!

Locals here are going crazy over tonight’s upset over the NY Jets 19-3.

Jags top their Division! AFC South…

Shelly and I are starting to feel like local Jaguars fans!

The Texans beat the Titans today Dec 24, so that puts Jacksonville at the top of their division!

Can they hold on? Well, the Titans host the Cowboys in 5 days for TNF… we’ll see what happens. (Jag+Texans on Jan 1…)

This third strait win means Jacksonville could make it into the playoffs!


January 7, 2023 Addendum

The Jags beat the Titans on January 7 to make the playoffs and secure their division!


Addendum January 14, 2023

Amazing comeback playoff game! Coming back from a 27 to ZERO deficit to win. It will take a lot of talent and luck to beat the Chiefs this Saturday January 21, but we’ll be rooting for them will all the locals around us here in Jacksonville.

OK… Sat night (Jan 21, 2023) addendum:

So the Jaguars fell to the Chiefs 20-27 today. The Jags had several chances to win this game that they could not materialize. But they played a good and respectable game that they can be proud of. We hope Mahomes heals up.

Everyone agrees that the QB, Coach, and whole Team will be one to watch in the next season! Nice job to the locals… nice job Jaguars!

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