Project Day

With a boat, it often feels like most every day is a project day! But when your boat is on the hard, you gotta find someone else’s project to work on!

So today, I assisted Gene Rutkowski of Galene splice the “good end” of his anchor line to his chain. Splicing 8-Plait anchor line is a good skill to acquire; today we got more practice together!

We tested it thru the electric windlass, and it went through just fine! I found that his 5/16” chain went thru his Lewmar 002 gypsy very smoothly. So what I learned is that the 002 works perfectly well with 5/16” chain. Whereas my 3/8” chain worked “rough” thru my 002 gypsy; the 003 gypsy that came with my new V3 windlass (installed last fall) works much smoother with 3/8”.

The other ‘well worn’ end is now tied inside his anchor locker.


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