Summer Solstace!

Shelly and I grilled some more swordfish Kabobs at the Marine Max Cabana tonight, and we are staying on the boat (of course), it is Friday after all. Pushing off in the morning to rendevous with Precious Cargo. Both are going to the resort marina in East Patchogue called Aquamarine Sunset Harbor. They have a pool, tiki bar, restaurant, hot showers! What more could you ask for?!


Too windy to go out today. Otherwise, it was a perfect day, but the boiling waters of Great South Bay were only braved by those who can stomach a very bumpy [and wet] ride.

Our next door neighbors aboard Adalie May went out and are not back yet, … after dark. Their car is still here. So hopefully they are secured someplace safe. We spoke of doing BBQ tonight, earlier in the day.

We could have gone out during the morning hours, before the wind kicked up. But I had a battery charger replacement project that took all morning. New unit is “smarter” than the old one. So, we are learning about its characteristics.

It is said, “A man with two watches does NOT know what time it is!” While I may not know precisely what the boat’s effective voltage is with this new charger, I know it’s working!

Some Precip is forecast for tomorrow. But, we hope get out there in between the liquid sunshine events.

Memorial Day 2019

Back in Harrison Maine Nick and I used to put a flag up every year on this rock as an aid to navigation.

No-see-ums seem to be an issue this year, both at S-Dock and at Cedar Cove.
July update: The No-see-um hatch appears to have been a short-lived phenomenon! None experienced for the past month or so!!!

Memorial Day weekend!

Shelly and Marc while rafted up.

Shelly, Colleen, and Tina in the S-Gazabo.

Steve and Marc trying to make food disappear.

Tina, Marc, Shelly, Colleen, Steve

Shelly doing breakfast sandwiches Sunday a.m.

Electrical problem solved on Shellerina today.

New socks for Shellerina’s fenders! thanks Marc!

What’s a snubber?

Shelly, Colleen, Tina, Catherine, Trudy in our new party gazebo.

Bill and Mark.

Nick and Mary while anchored at CB Sunday afternoon.


… meaning “pleasing to the senses.”

So, our new sound system this year is very enjoyable.


Tonight we installed a Richie factory-refurbished compass for a fraction of the price of a new one. Over the winter we read that this was working out well for other boat owners. So we did it!

With GPS chartplotters and Navionics APPs, do we ever actually use the compass? Not really. But from experience years ago, I am actually quite skilled at this art of “dead reckoning” navigation with chart and compass! So, I expect several days of fun doing things the old fashioned way this season.

First task? Create a deviation card!

Sun just cut through!

We are anchored at Cedar Beach Cove; we have the place to ourselves. Opening night is next Friday.

Note the yellow paint on the anchor chain. I upgraded the rode this season to 75 ft of chain and 100 ft of 1/2″ nylon. I painted various parts of the chain so I can tell where 25 ft, 50 ft, and 75 ft are. I can also tell when weighing anchor when the anchor is almost all the way up, but still in the water. This enables me to put the engine in reverse to clean off the mud before bringing it up all the way.

Fire Island Lighthouse Easter Sunrise Tour

Nick and Ray got up early and drove out to Fire Island Light for a sunrise tour !

Above-Looking West.

Below-Looking North. Click on the pic below to see a video of the actual light mechanism going around. How this lighthouse appears on the navigational chart – 1 white flash every 7.5 seconds, the light is 167 feet above sea level, and has a range of 24 nautical miles.

Reportedly, on a clear day from the top, the Manhattan skyline can be seen 43 miles away.

Below, there are lots of deer out here on Fire Island!

Launch prep has begun !

Ray was at the boat all afternoon. Unshrink-wrapping, installing the batteries, canvas, and improving the transducer’s transom mount.

The Bergen Point yard will do ext wax, and bottom paint, then drop her in for us this week!

Getting ready for the new season!!!

I have gotten some feedback from friends that there are not many pictures of ME on this blog, as I am usually the one taking pictures. So we are going to work on that this season. Here are some “old” pics Of me on Shellerina for you!

This last pick was of Shelly at Robinsons Wharf, Townsend Gut, Southport Island ME. Our boat is in the background. June 11, 2013.

On the hard – Nov 30

Shellerina was hauled today. End of a great season! Hope the next four months go by quickly!

Nick is driving Shelly and me to JFK early tomorrow morning for our 30 Anniversary Trip to Little Gasparilla Island FL. Looking forward to that. Our host, Lori Charette, will be picking us up at SRQ then shuttling us out to their home by boat.

Love and Thanks to both of you!!!

End of season stats

87 – times the boat left the slip or got underway from a port we were visiting.

83 – times we hung out on the boat not going anywhere.

We also stayed overnight on the boat 83 times.

1027 – miles travelled according to the GPS chart plotter which is always on when we are underway.

A great season by all accounts!