Barrows Boothbay Bash (cont.)

Another day begins with the Barrows at the head of Linekin Bay. Video above of the sun rising.

Grammy Barrows (aka Aunty Peggy) (88) comes down the gangway to join in the fun!

Aunty Peggy with the rest of the girls on the dock!

After boarding Shellerina, Peggy signs into the log book with everyone else!

Later in the day, Shelly was zipping around in her skiff, the “Pumkin Muffin”
Colin taking it all in!

Click for video below:

Later, Colin, his Mom and sister hang out on the bow for a tour of Boothbay Harbor, a small, little known anchorage just west of Linekin Bay.
We all took a sunset cruise on Saturday night too! Bill, his wife, Marie, and Shelly.
Maisey & Shelly on the sun deck.
It is hard to wear out these Barrows’es. Last night they continued their traditional “Burmuda Triangle” … a tour of their 3 favorite establishments in that tiny Boothbay Harbor anchorage.

Thanks to Julie for all these extra pics!!!

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