Cousins Reunion at the head of Linekin Bay!

Bobby, Shelly, Colin, Jenna, Maisey, Ryan, Heather, Ray, James, Jess, Billy, Janelle, Johnny, Marie.

Not shown are photographers Grammy Peg and Julie! Thanks you guys.

Maisey and Colin with Dad, Bobby.
Maisey at the helm of Shellerina
Clearly a young lady who means business if entrusted with the controls!
Colin stands his watch at the helm too, as Capt Ray needed an extended break this afternoon.
Jenna and Heather hang onto their younger cousins as fierce waves were breaking over the bow.
Ryan and Janelle were hanging out up on the sun deck!

A fantastic venue at 87 Murray Hill Road in East Boothbay, Maine. Head of Linekin Bay.
James, Julie, Shelly, Bobby coming up from the boat.
Grammy, Jess, Colin at the park.
The Aylwards: James & Julie!

Day ends with a camp fire and a moon rise.

Heather, James, Julie, Jenna, and Jess!

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