New H.Q. for the next month or so…

We landed on the morning of July 4 here at Safe Harbor Great Island Marina in Harpswell Maine.

Click on video above.
Great Is is also known as Sebascodegan Is. (Pronounced: sebASco-DEEgan according to the locals.)

Orrs Cove – my guess is a sunrise time of day looking SSE. (Pre-2022, before construction of the TravelLift began this spring).
Slip D3 is ours till August 9. (We will be taking some trips from here too.)
This is Martha Simpson with me on Christmas Day in 2016. She and her husband Gary had Shelly, Nick, and I over their house for Chriistmas Diner, on Long Island NY. Today, they had Shelly and I over for July 4th Dinner at their retirement home very close to us here on Sebascodegan Island. Needless to say, we know how to pick our ports! This morning Gary shuttled me over to Wiscasset to pick up our Prius.
These two are the most generous hearts, and we promise you all more pics and stories in the weeks ahead as they come out on Casco Bay with us!
If you are STILL trying to figure out where we are, here are the coordinates! Sequin Light and Cape Small to lower right. Merrymeeting Bay (where the Androscoggin River meets the Kennebec River to the upper right, and most all the other islands of Casco Bay are on the lower left!
Brunswick-Topsham are immediately north of us, Bath just NE of us.

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