Possible swim when we get to The Basin !?!?

If the sea water gets up to 70F, I’ll be going swimming! My instruments are giving me conflicting readings.

Confuscious say: Man with two watches never knows what time it is!

Well, I jumped in twice! Didn’t stay in for long though. Let’s call it 66F, (averaging the two instruments) 4 degrees below my normal limit. Now hangin’ … up on Shelly’s sun deck listening to tunes and soaking up the sun. She’s a great DJ!
The Basin
This famous “hurricane hole” place is much larger than I expected.
Click to see video above.
The highlighted “blue dot” shows where we dropped the hook for the day and tonight.

This fine and popular anchor spot is just a bit less than 6.5 nautical miles north of Cape Small, the eastern most point in Casco Bay. You’ll pass Sebasco Estates on the way in.

Sequin Island Light is to the lower right of this pic; the mighty Kennebec River goes north just above it. One can get all the way to Augusta on that river, passing Bath Iron Works halfway.

Our stats from Wiscasset to The Basin today. (Report automatically created by Nebo).

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