US Union Jack …

Two US Navy ships along side each other, sporting the US Union Jack on their bow today in Norfolk VA.

For almost 20 years, in three different boats named Shellerina, we have flown the US Union Jack from our bow. It’s uncommon on pleasure craft (PC), and its kinda like a trademark for us.

This is the oldest blog post we have showing the US Union Jack. There have been dozens since then.

One other PC we met up with in Erie PA and again on July 4 last year flew this flag from their bow.

The US Union Jack is flown from the bow of US Navy ships that are on liberty. (It is taken down when they are underway.) It was great to see several Navy ships flying this flag from their bow as we have for years now.

Our US Union Jack flying today in Norfolk-Portsmouth VA, like the US Navy ships around us!

We usually buy new flags every year to put up for the 4th.

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