Fireworks afloat: Put-in-Bay OH

Here is the Grand Banks yacht, Simmer Down (Jupiter FL) in the foreground of the fireworks pics. It appears to have a nice Hinkley “Picnic Boat” as its tender! The owner and I exchanged compliments on our choice of US Union Jack flags on our bows earlier today.

Here you can see the fireworks barge getting into position earlier in the evening.

You can also see his US Union Jack flag flying on his bow.


One thought on “Fireworks afloat: Put-in-Bay OH

  1. Shelley your photos are awesome. Sounds like your living every moment and having a ball. This is from me not my friend Pat, u know I’m not on social media much but I enjoyed your blog.. Keep on moving you’ve got a lot to see. Miss you!! Say Hi to Ray for me. Love ya!!❤️


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