Exploring “Sore Thumb”



Saturday was a cloudy, overcast day.   But that did not stop us from going out to explore.

One of the places we went was a sandy outcrop called the “Sore Thumb” which is on the north side of Fire Island Inlet.   This small peninsula is a popular spot for 4-wheelers to drive out to, and it forms a cove that a great spot for boats to anchor during the summer months.   Saturday we mapped a large area of the cove with bottom contours using our new Garmin side imaging sonar.     On this cloudy April day, we had the whole place to ourselves.

Here is a great drone video of Sore Thumb:


This Youtube video shows some of drama that happened a few years ago when a large number of boats rafted up in this area during a busier time of the season.   It appears that the boats were not far enough into the cove; and some the current of Fire Island Inlet caused some mayhem.

Lots of folks like 4-Wheeling on Sore Thumb:


There you have it:
Exploring “Sore Thumb” from land, sea, and air!

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