Sea Gate Marina ICW mm 194

Nicely protected marina carved in out of the bank on Adam’s Creek. Transients get to tie up on the fixed docks on your way into this nice hurricane hole before the fuel dock. There IS room to go in and turn around for an easy morning departure. Fender boards will come in handy.

This marina is owned by a local homeowners association. (The homes are beautiful!). The marina doubles as a locals “hang out” in the afternoon and reportedly there’s a 7:00am coffee club. Nice folks! Very friendly. 50A worked, but spigot near us was not working. Also, both ice coolers were EMPTY?!?! What’s up with that? Lack of attention to some of the business basics.

“Rough around the edges, but has some redeeming qualities.” e.g. free from current compared to many spots around here. No need to fret or time your arrival with slack tide!

We came in at dead low; 5 ft of water in the skinniest spot.

Fender Boards – 2” PVC

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