Anatomy of a sunrise…

There is a lot going on around us … fun to tune into if you pay attention.

There was a large planet rising ahead of the sun this morning. But which planet was it?!?
Most likely, it was not ONE planet rising, but a cluster: Saturn, Mars, and to a less extent, Venus.
The cluster of the larger planets Jupiter and Neptune also rose minutes ahead of the sun this morning, but the sky was already too bright to see them. STAY TUNED! Correction to follow!!!

I need to re-examine these pics with my app’s time stamps. I now think the pics show both clusters + Venus. Details to follow.

During all this excitement, a fishing boat can be seen heading north on the ICW. Click ABOVE to watch the video.
Above: Saturn and Mars are just about to fade in the sunlight.
A smaller boat with a fisherman heads out beside us. Watch the waves as they bounce off the sides of the canal forming a chris-cross pattern. It takes a while before they settle down.

Another beautiful day has begun.


After more careful analysis by zooming in on my pics, I now believe the large planet on the left is the Neptune-Jupiter cluster, the right-most light is Saturn, with Mars in front of it, so that light is a cluster too. The dimmest light, just to the left of Saturn-Mars is Venus, as shown in the Skywalk app.

These three lights all ascend in unison on the same trajectory as the sun coming up behind them. Pretty Cool.

All the pics were taken with the Wyze CAM v3, with an optional 32 GB micro SD card which records about 48 hours of what it “sees.”

The planet-star alignment calcs and pics are all from Star Walk, an app on my iPhone.

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