Perfect day for crossing Bogue Sound, ICW mm 224-207; still in NC!

Cloudless sky, calm sea, 6 mph wind.

This is all west of Beaufort NC, which we will pass through this afternoon without stopping.

BOW-firt NC should not be confused with BEE-U-ford SC… (This how the locals pronounce their city-names which share the same spelling.)

A good Frenchman pronounces them both BOW-fouR… being sure to roll that “R” on the end! LOL


Shelly took the helm for most of the day today. There WHERE some challenges… namely “skinny” areas like this one she just steered us through. There were also a number of sports fishermen who shamelessly “waked” us and everyone else … seemingly at full throttle in close range (< 50 ft ).

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