Aerial shots of our position this morning AND 365 days ago!

Mile Hammock Bay, this morning. There were 3 other boats, all sail, in here last night. One yawl from Boston, one larger sloop from Norfolk, and a sloop we saw at Carolina Beach State Park Marina from Kingston NY. One of our favorite stops on the Hudson River. We hope to meet them up the blog!

We entered Mile Hammock Bay at dead low tide yesterday afternoon. We had 8 feet of water in the shallowest spots. Great anchorage. Plenty of room for all.

Below: April 4, 2021

Our boat, early splashed and alone at the S-Dock on April 4, 2021, SS3, Lindenhurst Long Island NY. (See it on Google Earth). Preparations were being made back then for our start of The Great Loop. We have fewer than 20 “travel days” when she’ll return here for celebrations for a few days before heading north to New England for the summer.

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