Gift from a NEBO friend…

Shellerina underway eastbound at ICW mile marker 331, near the Shallotte Inlet. There was a huge campground here and a fellow NEBO customer saw us coming towards them on Nebo. So, Jon Market snapped this pic of us going by. Then he used the NEBO messaging feature to send me a picture of my boat! The best part of this is we don’t know each other! We are just members of the NEBO online community, and because of Jon’s thoughtfulness, we now have a pic of our boat underway on the ICW! How cool is that?!


The campground can be seen in this Google Earth pic just west of Shallotte Inlet in NC.

NEBO is the technology that gives you THIS when you click on Where is Shellerina in the blog’s menu. It also gives us reports and maps like this one showing our passage today.

Here is today’s passage report, as well as a Summary Report for all of March.

Yah… NEBO is pretty cool. We don’t just have the app on our smart phone. We actually have the NEBO mini-appliance which has a SIM card and GPS receiver to increase the reliability over just an app on one’s smart phone.

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