18-20 “travel days” until we cross our wake.

Ray pulled out his online charts and calculator tonight. We have 18-20 full “travel days” before we finish the Great Loop. With today being April 1st, that means we’ll finish sometime in early or mid May. Work schedule and weather (and rest) are the two driving factors. Then we hope to make Mystic CT, Salem MA, and several points in Maine this June. There are so many loved ones on Long Island NY and New England. We can’t wait to see everyone again!

Shorter term Float Plan:

Tomorrow night we will anchor at Mile Hammock NC (mm 244.5). Then we’ll make Sea Gate Marina (mm 194) for Sunday night. We should land in Grace Harbor River Dunes (mm 173) early Monday morning and stay put for a stormy week and focus on work. That port offers impeccable protection from the elements.

30 mph winds expected in this area Wednesday afternoon.

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