Barefoot Landing… Myrtle Beach

Tequila sampler & some cutie I picked up.
This Mexican restaurant, Taco Mundo, had a great selection of different types of tequila. A good opportunity to compare and learn about the finer ones. Aficionado, and dock mate Steve Romano was on the other end of my phone with his advice and suggestions. Anejo Partida won as my fave after several sips of the sampler pictuted above.

Taco Mundo on the water ICW mm 354. Highly recommended Mexican fare. They and Lu Lu’s have docks you can tie up to. On the right, across from Barefoot Marina when heading north on the ICW here at Myrtle Beach. Stop to reward yourself for ‘surviving’ the Rockpile!
Live Apres Dinner entertainment at Lu Lu’s right next door!
Great finish to a great date night! The pic above is a video… click on it to see the fireworks!

Lu Lu’s … owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister, sports family photos all over the place.

Lu Lu + Jimmy + fam… c.1955

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