Carolina Beach State Park Marina

This is one to come into with at least a half tide beneath you!

This bathymetry recorded on the way into Carolina Beach State Park Marina shows a spot at near high tide of 6 feet… which is really 8 ft with our transducer offset. The problem is, that spot will only have 3.5 feet at low tide. (4.5 is the rise and fall here).

There is a LOT to see here on Treasure Island. Uber & taxis, restaurants, very historical place. For example, the largest land and sea battle of the Civil War was fought here.

We left Deep Point Marina early to get in here at high tide at 8am, rather than chance it yesterday afternoon at low.

This beautiful Beneteau trawler Linda Lou from Lake Superior came in a half hour before low tide yesterday to take on fuel ($3.80/gal). They left at dead low to continue north on the ICW, with no apparent difficulties! Lucky! Nice folks too!

Evidently, the carnivorous plant, the Venus Fly Trap grows plentifully in this State Park and surrounding area.

The park store said they unfortunately did not have dead flies for hikers to purchase and feed to the plants.

There were also posters up that indicated the harvesting or trampling on this protected species of plant is a felony!

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