Porpoise across bow and Celestial entertainment.

A huge Venus and crescent moon followed the sun’s descent into the western horizon.

In Panama City, Uncle Ernies welcomes “Lunchers” (and dinner stops) but they do not want to attract overnighters on their long dock. We had a great dinner with local Gold Loopers, Paul and Betsy Hansen whom we met and blogged about up in Washington Island WI. See the great post on August 5, 2021!

We made our pitch for Loopers coming behind us. But the owner has many concerns with overnighters. “We are not insured OR set up for that.”

John & Rachel, crew of Rachel Ann liked their lunch there today.


New information today:

  • “Sondra” who works (Sundays thru Wednesdays) at St. Andrews Marina was extremely helpful! She told me she has been in the marine business here for over 30 years and her favorite time of year is when The Loopers come through. We took on water, fuel, ice, and pumped out there; I took lots of notes to pass along to you from Sondra! For example:
  • There is a “Courtesy Wall” on Bayview Street inside … where the slips used to be.
  • Any boater can tie up for a couple hours and Uber into Publix, Walmart, or simply walk around town. You will see this wall lined with black tire fenders. (There doesn’t appear to be anyone around keeping score with a 2-hour stop watch!!!)
  • Above, Shellerina is shown tied up to that wall. Avoid the left most 20 feet or so (behind us) as there is a submerged piling on its side at just about prop depth! Shown below.
  • Otherwise, the water should fine in there. We saw a 40′ sailboat tied up there last evening for a bit.
  • From this wall, Uber was fast to get me to Publix (grocery + liquor) stores. Better wine selection at the grocery.
  • You can also use Instacart in Panama City! The delivery address is corner of Bayview Ave. and W 10th Street, or use the address of restaurant ‘Alices on Bayview’ right across the street from this Courtesy Wall.
  • You cannot anchor inside where the marina slips used to be but you can anchor right off town here so long as you don’t block the waterway. See our anchor position on the charts below. Note the small basin of fishing boats in this vicinity just left of Uncle Ernie’s. That is active in the early morn.
  • There is a dinghy dock right by the town launch ramp to the left of the Courtesy Wall. Dinghies only … for your walk around town.
  • Pictured above, to the left of the Courtesy Wall is the Dinghy Dock and Town Launch Ramp.
  • In addition to Uncle Ernies, Alice’s, there is Hunt’s Oyster Bar and other local favorites … all walking distance from the Courtesy Wall. Above, Hunt’s Oyster Bar.
  • Without Ubering, this Food Mart / Chevron gas station is the best you’ll see for provisions within walking distance.
  • Where we anchored for the night, just before sunset, for night two in this port. A productive day!
  • .
  • From yesterday:

    In this panhandle area you’ll see a few sights like this:

    It is mostly cleaned up, but this the port of Panama City is still recovering from Hurricane Michael in 2018.

    Uncle Ernies restaurant (and dock) is totally rebuilt, very nice. This dock leads directly into the restaurant dining room. (No town access.) Shellerina on Uncle Ernie’s dock Sunday for dinner.

    Aerial view of St Andrews Marina before Hurricane Michael:


    (No more docks/slips in the middle).

    Again, Fuel Dock is open (technically 3 separate docks):

    Left-most dock is for pump out. Middle and right side are for fuel. Say “Hi” to Sondra in the store if you are there Sun-Wed. She loves Loopers. They open early at 7:00am. Close at 5:00pm.

    Fortunately, there are lots of anchorages around… which will probably have less traffic than here in town where we are … on our night two.


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