Anchored with 2 other boats – mm 217.4

We anchored behind this nice island at an anchorage described as “Santa Rosa Island G51” (Green Can # 51) in the Waterway Guide. The “mile marker” of course, refers to where this is on the Intracoastal Waterway here in Florida’s panhandle.

The red arrowhead is our position. Here’s To Us ( ) is anchored just to our west, and Misty Ray sneaked in after we arrived. They are just north and east of us. Your chart-plotter should show you the good way in.

Earlier today we got excited about crossing into Florida.

Interesting state border line shown above! So we are not certain when exactly we left the wonderful state of Alabama.

BTW: We have nothing but great memories of our several weeks in Alabama.

Remarkable natural beauty, impressive resorts and marinas (both private and publicly owned), and the people were hospitable and, well, authentically caring and warm. I didn’t meet a one that I did not like.

Alabamans: You made great impression on us!

Earlier today I also got excited that we returned to the Eastern Time Zone… That would be wrong!

Below is a map of how Floridians keep time in this region. Makes perfect sense to me! LOL


Cellphone Bar-Trackers: this G51 anchorage has full bars on both VZW and T-M devices here!


Next morning:

Here’s To Us weighs anchor after correctly planning the time of sunrise after Daylight Savings Time ends!

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