Dog River & The Wharf marinas – “Contrast”

We stayed at Dog River Marina in Mobile for two nights.

It’s a bit rough and they should have been responsive on the VHF when we were coming in! <my pet peeve>

Also, don’t forget: There are no reservations there. First come, first serve.

But, once secured, everything works! for example the small shower house and they clearly clean it. (We take nothing for granted, with regards to facilities that actually work).

Dog River Marina gets five stars for a courtesy van in better shape than any we’ve borrowed on The Loop so far.

So, all around: honestly, a good stop at a $1/ft! And a small West Marine Express is onsite. (Even though it is small, I bet you can’t walk out without buying something.)

Next time however, we will check out the [reportedly] very nice town of Fairhope on the east side of Mobile Bay. Several options there!

Then for contrast:

Today we made The Wharf Marina, mm 158.8 in Orange Beach AL.

Let’s start with the cleats. Look closely.

The name of the marina is cast into their cleats!?!

How’s that for making a first impression for us coming in and the first thing we do is tie up ?!

Technically, this was the second impression because they were right on top of things on VHF as we made our approach. Slip assignment and how to get there was succinctly conveyed. Nice!

Time to check in and pay up. Fortunately, they have an AGLCA discount, so the per foot cost, though more than the last place, is still a reasonable $2/ft… (but they don’t have a courtesy vehicle).

This property not only has one restaurant, it has several, and check out the boater’s lounge and facilities.


Here’s how you get over to LuLu’s:


Take the boat!

OK, What is LuLu’s you may ask ?!?!

It is a must-stop, hot-spot in this region of the country owned and run by Jimmy Buffet’s sister. We didn’t stop there today, but it is part of our itinerary for tomorrow.

I heard that there are no “lost shakers of salt” here, but there are many “frozen concoctions … to help you hang on.”

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