Docktails at Dog River Marina (Mobile AL) this hour!

Randy & Cara Jacobs – Passages

John & Rachel – Rachel Ann

Jeffrey & Cathy Guttenberger – Cathy Ann

Michael & Cindy Olszewski – Experior

Rick & Dori Ernst – My Dori III

Bryan & Marcy Holmes – Eleanor Grace

Deb & Mac Rubel – Janthena

Shelly & Ray Sirois – Shellerina

Linda & Sonny Diehl – Beachfront

((Part of what I was illustrating is that a blog post can be done in a couple of minutes right from one’s phone… even during docktails! Blogging does not have to be time consuming. Full disclosure: Admittedly, the names were added later from cards, to complete this post.))

By Capel C English:

For those who are not familiar with the expression “dragging up”, it means to quit work. It’s an expression I learned when working in the offshore oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. For example, when I turned in my notice to return to college, I was “dragging up”. After I left the oil fields and someone would ask my friends where I was, they would reply “he drug up”. No further explanation was necessary.

It’s a great boat name.”

(Thanks! Capel)

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