Float Plan for tomorrow…

(From mm449.7 Grand Harbor Marina.)

Fulton (MS) Anchorage – Fulton Rec. Area mm 391.2 on the Tenn-Tom. (59 miles+3 Locks.) Ambitious.

Plan B: Montgomery Lock&Dam (south side). mm406

Plan C: Bay Springs Visitor Center Anchorage mm412.1

I guess we’ll miss the football games!

The “mile marker” system here on Western Rivers uses statute miles instead of nautical miles. I learned this week that many mariners set their “units” on chart-plotters to statute miles because so many references are to “sm” instead of “nm”. I wish I knew that before I started all my fuel logs and running calculations along the way!

For this section of our trip, the mile marker “zero” is in downtown Mobile AL. So, tonight we are 449.7 statute “river miles” from downtown Mobile, very close to entering the Gulf of Mexico. That is 8-12 days away.

ADDENDUM (Sunday night)

We successfully made it to Fulton MS Anchorage mm391.2 at 5:30pm, just before sunset.

Well marked channel, 3 other boats anchored here tonight.

Three locks / 50 miles. Lost about 90 minutes at the last lock: Rankin L&D mm398. But we have been beating all the average wait times!

Ray & Diane on the bridge of Radian Journey in-chamber at Rankin Lock as the sun gets low in the sky.

(AND both of our NFL teams won today… without our help!)

2 thoughts on “Float Plan for tomorrow…

  1. Your posts are very helpful. We are leaving from Chattanooga on Friday heading to Orange Beach. Have a slip at The Wharf for the winter. We have been AGLA members for over 5 years now doing a lot of cruising In preparation for starting the loop when I retire in 2 years. Good luck to you!!!

    Stewart Van Duzer
    “Greatest Escape”


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