Midway Marina & Fulton Anchorage

Not Impulsive makes the turn into Midway Marina at mm393.8 with the guidance of the Midway owner/dockmaster on VHF68.

Pass south keeping the green markers to port to avoid these tree stumps.

Above, Radian Journey also got talked-in just before Not Impulsive.

Shellerina decided to exercise her anchor light and drop the hook along with three other cruisers just a little bit south in the Fulton Anchorage mm393.1 (Aka Fulton Recreation Area… it sports a busy launch ramp and hiking trails).

This nice anchorage’s entrance from the river is well marked with small red and green buoys, between which is plenty of water.

The long wood pier is what you’ll see first; the channel markers show up soon thereafter, just south of a pair of appropriately colored day markers on the main river. (That pier is seen below from our anchor; Midway Marina is in the distant background.)

We believe this boat’s name is GRACE, we know the captain’s name is Jason. We hope to see him again soon.

Above, Hobie Gal out of Mobile AL exits our anchorage this morning, splitting the small red and green markers to avoid the mess just south of us.

As seen below, she then headed NORTH; she was not flying an AGLCA burgee but she may looping. As you know, some Loopers do The Loop clockwise, aka “backwards”.

Shellerina does not go very fast backwards, so we chose the more common counter-clockwise route along with most other loopers!

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