We were in 3 states at the same time today!j

See the yellow circle above?

34° 59.738′ N

88° 12.004′ W

This point in the middle can only be reached by boat, and we crossed it today at 4:31pm (CT). It is the 3-way intersection of TN, MS, and AL. We went near it last week on the way to the www.greatloop.org Fall Rendezvous conference.

The lime green line shows our path for tomorrow and next weekend until we reach Mobile AL and the Gulf of Mexico.


Our one night after crossing this 3-state point was at Grand Harbor.

They are technically/geographically in MS. But they take their mail in TN! So their website says Counce TN 38326.

(I won’t ask who gets the property taxes! <grin> )

But the point of this addendum is to say “Thanks!” to this marina establishment for offering a prime experience to us… even if for a short time.

The “packet” they gave us included a laminated guide for our trip down-river which has been invaluable each day.

Flower pots and riverside gliders on the dock demonstrate their willingness to go the extra mile for US!

Lastly, last spring my admiral and I decided to burn half of my nautical hat collection. We simply did not have room on the boat for so many dozens of hats on our Loop trip. Therefore, I have subsequently passed-by many new hats for sale in new ports since MAY 2021 when we started our Loop… for obvious reasons <grin>.

But this new Grand Harbor embroidered hat (above) made the cut, and is now in the collection! ((And the admiral did not object!))

Thank you Grand Harbor.

Google this place folks. It is civilization in the middle of … well… a natural paradise.


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