We love our mail forwarding service by St Brendan’s Isle.

We get an email any day that mail arrives. We can choose to 1) discard-recycle 2) open and scan so we can see the contents, or 3) save it for a future bundle to be sent to a marina where we will be.

The problem is the USPS is not coming through for us. “Priority Mail” is failing us miserably. We are held up in-port today waiting for a package of mail that St Brendan’s Isle sent last Monday! It is overdue by several days. Finally I ended up driving the marina’s courtesy van 15 miles to a post office where it had been mis-delivered to, so we could pick it up there and be on our way.

.Louis DeJoy


Receiving mail and packages has, by far, been the most difficult challege of this Looper trip.


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