Tennessee! Paris Landing

We have lost count of how many states we have been to on our Loop. But we can add Tennessee to the list as we made Paris Landing at sunset… just in time to meet this welcoming committee!

Left to right: Sue Steven and Craig Blasingame of Nest, Bob Hansen, Marcy Holmes, Diane Hansen, Bryan Holmes, and Pat & Bill Langston of Uno Mas. (The Holmes crew Eleanor Grace, the Hansens, Soulmate.)

Also in-port this evening is Michael Allinger of Gratitude, Stephen & Barbara Clausen of What a Day.

Uno Mas had a successful first day on their Loop today!

For them AND us, it was a pretty darn perfect cruising day.

While we all chose Paris Landing (known for its great fuel prices), we also saw many other cruisers taking advantage of the great scenic anchorages on Tennessee Lake and the Land Between the Lakes

The I-79 Bridge marks the entrance to this protected harbor and state park marina. There must be campers nearby too, as Shelly loved the smell of wood smoke campfires!

Tuesday’s Addendum:

Steve & Ann Seltzer of New Adventure fueled up and will stay the night; today was day 3 on their Loop. We met them last week at Green Turtle Bay, plus we were in the same breakout pod during the virtual Spring Rendezvous.

Derive just pulled in … right before the rain started to come down in earnest. A younger couple, both still working… Kirk and Jenna. Out of Tampa, they like their Buccaneers! We showed them our Buccaneers burgee (seen below)! Their Loop started in April and will finish in November. Internet service is a key criteria for them as they choose in which ports to stay and which to bypass.


BTW: TNT Pizza delivers to the dock here at Paris Landing State Park: 731-407-7491

Good ZA! (Double roni).

Here’s what’s left of it tonight, after we had our fill. Fortunately this “flat” staple fits well into a crowded fridge! (But, it won’t last long there.)

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