“Little River Diversion” as it is called.

With guidance from Lauren Steen of Irrational Exuberance, we made safe anchor in “Diversion” at mile 48.7 last night after dark, 8:30pm.

It’s safely out of the 2.5+ knots of current one would not like to anchor against on the Mississippi.

Our Plan A was to anchor tucked inside of one of many wing dams we saw well before dark. That didn’t go so well (soft grounding – no apparent damage).

Since we could see (on Nebo) a friend already secured inside Diversion, we knew we could lean on them for guidance coming into this common anchorage, also known as Hubble Creek on some charts.

Stick to the middle, we have 6 feet beneath us.

A near full moon lit things up well!

Irrational Exuberance this morning

We are a bit closer to the right side than I’d like, but still plenty of water.

Some video early this morning of a tug passing, apparently with something actually in-tow (abnormal!)

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