Let’s talk FOOD!

It seems like we have been lucky with some of our “going out to eat” choices this past week.

Tuesday’s meal with Paal and Betsy at the restaurant onsite at Shipyard Island Marina was great. They have managed to keep the same chef for years; the place does not “look” like much, but our first meal in Wisconsin was memorable and delicious. Reservations are recommended even for early seating, as lots of people from this island show up to eat here! (Yes, even on a Tuesday night!)

Nightingale’s ‘supper club’ in Sturgeon Bay is not walking distance from the marinas. But here’s the number to the taxi driver in that town: 920-818-1124, who can shuttle you to Nightingales and back.

Tip: the Smoked Whitefish Cakes with a Roasted Red Pepper Remoulade was the best!

Now let’s talk about Wisconsin Cheese!

Here in Kewaunee, we finally found an authentic Wisconsin cheese shop.

Walking distance from the municipal marina, and from this port’s Free Wall, (with shore power and water), we found our first Wisconsin cheese shop.

Wakker Cheese locally makes their own Netherlands inspired Gouda cheeses… in small batches. Each different variety they sell is aged differently and clearly labelled (young, 12-18 months, or 24+ months). Some are flavored with the favorite herbs you might like. We went for chipotle and then two differently aged plain Goudas. Some are smoked. Today they had about three dozen varieties to pick from.

Who knew you can make so many different varieties of Gouda cheese?!

Head’s up: They didn’t “serve” us per se (which was a disappointment). But after you pick out your selection of craft cheeses, they do have tables where you can sit to enjoy. (Bring your own knife OR better yet, (seriously) … bring it all back to your boat where you can taste with your favorite wine.)

By the way, on the subject of food, there is a new “fancy” restaurant in town, as described by the marina staff. It is right across the street from Wakker Cheese, and is called Ballering. Should the sea state force us to stay a third night here, we may have a report for you on Ballering too! (3 foot seas out of the South, according to Windy and PredictWind.)

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