Sister Bay to Sturgeon Bay, then on to Kewaunee…

Here was our 2-day float plan:

We left early in the morning from Sister Bay, but the bay was a bit bumpy. The forecast called for the sea state to settle down as the day progressed. It was simply too uncomfortable, so by 9:00 am we tucked in and anchored in Fish Creek. (We knew we had Fish Creek OR Egg Harbor as ‘pressure relief valves’ if needed.)

Looper Gene Rutkowski, came out in his RIB (inflatable) to introduce himself, offer his local advice, and just meet US! He also has a Mainship 390.

Gene Rutkowski and Ray weeks later in Racine.

He knew we were loopers because of our burgee. I was on a business call, but we exchanged “boat cards” and I called him when I freed up. We stayed on-hook in Fish Creek for four hours until all my business was done, then we finished the planned passage to Sturgeon Bay. Green Bay had indeed calmed down as predicted.

Three large cargo ships were in-port; we came up along close to them, mostly because we had no choice!

Looking at the chart, I was thinking how impossible it must be for these huge vessels to pass through the narrow channel south and east of Sturgeon Bay, which is this waterway between Green Bay side and the “Big Lake” as it is called by the locals here.

We had a fantastic meal at Nightingale’s, a “supper club” as they are called here. Reportedly there are “sports bars” and “supper clubs” as explained to me. Shelly and I ordered three appetizers, then split the house special steak. Shelly may post something more about this great place and the food we had there!

The next morning, as we were preparing to push off for Kewaunee, a stepping stone to Sheboygan, the huge Arthur Anderson cargo ship was passing by our marina! It was all completely under its own power, (no tugs assisting), and it was heading towards that extremely narrow channel on the chart (where we were also going!)

Well, as you can see, she fit!

All the boats, including Arthur Anderson were going only 4.5 knots in this narrow man-made canal. So we did the same, though we really wanted to catch up for the pics!

As the cargo ship finally cleared the canal a huge plume of black smoke came up from her stack. Clearly, the captain had ordered the engineers to get a move on!

The mouth of this waterway was very picturesque, even for an overcast hazy day.

We made Kewaunee a few hours later. Things started off very rolly, but as we got out and turned south with the swell, the “Big Lake” was kind to us, and we hope for more good cruising days like this one. We have less than two weeks to make it to the ORD area for our 8/19 plane ride to Maine for Britta & Jake’s wedding on the 21st.

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